Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Nope, we did not win the lottery. So calm your hopes down because there is still no extra perks of being my friend or relative. In fact, if I did win the lottery, blogging will be the least of my priorities. I will probably be off to Europe enjoying the ancient architecture or probably at Disneyland Florida.

Winning the lottery has been one of my husband’s silent wishes. Although he never did actively participate with lottery betting since lottery is currently not available where we reside, he often placed his hopes on shopping festivals where a minimum purchase will entitle you to win thousand’s worth of showcase. He also invested in a no interest deposit which will allow your money to participate in a quarterly raffle to win a million dirhams. Every time we would talk about our hopes and aspiration, winning tons of money in a raffle was always a part of his conversation end.

I, on the other hand, do not put much faith in lottery winnings. I often tell him that in some sort of way, we have already won the lottery of life because we are healthy and he has a job that allows us to have a comfortable life. Of course, he often accuses me of being unsupportive but insists that if he did win, he will still share the winnings with me. But he also said that the reason why he probably hasn’t won yet was because I keep jinxing his chances with all my talk of negativity. I often agree with him much to his chagrin.

But recently, Mr. I-Love-to-win-a-lottery had a complete change of heart. One day he just arrived home and told me that he does not want to win mountains of money from any lottery anymore. I fell of my seat because this was the man who was harping about lottery winnings for the last 12 years of our marriage. I thought that my husband was probably sick or got into an accident and hit his head on something really really hard. Worse, he might have actually won but he doesn’t want to share his winnings so his was working on conditioning my mind. He probably stashed the money somewhere secret like the Bahamas since all gangsta seem to hide their ill-gotten wealth there.

But apparently, while he was accompanying a friend to a car repair shop, they had a talk about the misfortunes which often befell lottery winners. One guy who won more than 10 lexus cars in a shopping festival got shot 6 months after in his home country. The motive for the guy’s murder was money. Another guy won half of a million dollars with another guy. 3 months later, he died from cancer. He told me another story which my hormone addled brain cannot remember now but I am quite certain that the story also ended in death or some other form of tragedy. Basically, my husband was scared to death. (hehehehehehe). He now believes with absolute conviction that winning in lottery is nothing more but a pact with death in exchange for the money. Tit for tat. In this case, cash for life.

The sweetest thing though is that he now has a new silent wish. He no longer wants to win instant tons of cash but instead wishes for a long life to spend with his love ones even if that life will be spent in normal amounts of cash or even in poverty. According to his new found wisdom, no amounts of money can equal to the life of your loved ones. He now officially renounces lottery because that seems to be a sure way to take quality time away from the more important things in life. In fact, he said that if he did accidentally win, he will most likely not accept the winnings or just give them almost all away.

So in case we win folks, you know it is going to be raining money.


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  2. I love how similar wer when it comes to the lottery. No matter how high the reward, I never seem get excited. The probability of winning here is very very slim. My mother however, lives for he lottery; I'm assuming it's because she's won (small winnings) before.

    Daisha Renee

  3. I would also love to win the lottery but I don't actually play so . . . I guess you could say I probably will not win haha. Hubby also wants to win and everytime he plays any kind of lottery or win game, he tells me what he would do with the winnings. And personally I think they are very selfish plans and I tell him that is the reason we never win anything, is because he only wants to make his own life better.

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