Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Paring our Life Down to the Essentials

Due to recent changes in our financial situation, we had to look for more affordable dwelling situations. We seriously thought about moving into a studio flat but unfortunately in order for my husband to continue sponsoring visas for me and our kids, we were required to have a one bedroom flat.

Thus began our quest to look for a one bedroom flat with the same price as a studio flat. The search disheartened us at best. Some of the buildings were so old with tiny creaky elevators that could possible substitute for a death trap. The house fixtures were so broken down and rusty, I wondered if they will last for a year. Another option was in a nicer building with a well maintained elevator but the flat was on the 15th floor and had only one postage stamp window. You literally felt trapped at 15 floors up.

Finally we found a one bedroom flat in a building that looked old on the outside but was very well maintained on the inside. The place was fairly decent in comparison to the previous choices and the price was within our range. Although still small, it seemed to be our best possible option at the moment.

But as to how small, we finally found out on moving day. When we tried to fit our furniture, we realized that our new living room was not even ¼ the size of our old living room. The kitchen was also so small and could not accommodate our fridge; it would have to find a way to fit in the living room. The new bedroom was also half the size of our old bedroom. I think it was safe to say that the WHOLE of our new house was just the size of our old living room.

Truthfully, my heart broke. This was reality 101 and we were definitely downsizing. Since I was a little bit overdramatic, I confess that my heart was full and heavy with a lot of unshed tears.  I mourned the loss of our spacious old house.

But I decided to count my blessings. I have two of the best person in the world, with a third one coming soon, to share this tiny dwelling. They make my heart full with their love and laughter. If destiny pares down my life to the essentials, it would still be complete for as long as I have my husband and children in my life.


  1. wow, that's so true.. Never be heart broken with the materialistic things since we have "Love" in our life. Love is what makes the journey pleasant.. Have a great future!

  2. Have your heard about the saying that says"There's a rainbow after the Rain"? Just don't loose hope.Every struggle has an end.Your beautiful family is there to be with you. God bless. 😊

  3. Yes family is key! Good luck and hopefully it will just be temporary :).

  4. Oh goodness I would have broken down too. It's really so overwhelming too... having to move and find a new space, but you are right -- love trumps all and you have your family with you and I think that's definitely going to make the change and adaption worth it. xx